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Undergraduate Film/Video

Undergraduate Film/Video Reel

This reel includes my works done in undergraduate school from 2006-2010.

Camera VS. the Sun​ (2010)
Is a piece based on an experimental script I wrote in my Senior year during Undergraduate school. In the script the two main characters are the Camera and the Sun. These characters antagonize each other throughout the film. The Camera tries to collect images before the Sun sets as the world around it becomes too dark to capture. It is divided into three sections: Death, Love, and Birth. Each section holds a mystery that is eventually disclosed by the Camera.


A Portrait of My Brother: John (2009)

This piece is a video docmentery about my yournger brother John who was 16 at the time. We follow him during his skate boarding adventures. One on one interviews show glimpses into his young mind.  

The Nightmares of the Seeing (2008)
An experimental short shot on 16mm color film using an Arriflex S camera and incorporating night vision video fottage. In a nightmare a young lady is blinded by an accident. The effects of the nightmare continue into the character's waking life.

Water in Black and White (2007)

This short was shot on a Bolex camera using 16 mm black and white film. It was then edited by hand on a Steenbeck (a flatbed film editing suit). The short was strongly influenced by Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon". It has to do with memory, time, and day dreams. 

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