Drowning in Color
An experiment in color and texture with hints of racial themes. The main character, an African American woman, was painted completely white and then drenched repeatedly with gallons of different color paint.

Bad Dress Burn
When searching racks at thrift stores you tend to come upon some of the most hideous fashion creations from decades past. This is where I found my inspiration for “Bad Dress Burn”. In the dark of night, a ritualized sacrifice of these old dresses is performed in the abandoned lot next to a dilapidated warehouse.

An exercise in depicting the feeling of being submerged. This was also a chance for me to put myself through the distress I usually put my performers through in my projects. This task was made even more challenging since I had recently healed from broken ribs, a broken arm, and fractured sternum.

Woefully Intentional: Drunk Monk
This music video was a collaboration between the bassist of the band, Jeffrey Rettberg and I. The idea came after Jeff helped me shoot “Drowning in Color”. The video echoes the juxtaposition between playfulness and menace that Drunk Monk writes into their music.

Under Iron Feet: The Flyin Eyes

This music video was a collaboration between the local filmaker, Jeffrey Rettberg and I.